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Which hair treatment is best for my hair concern? (Updated Jan 2023)

Here's a quick guide for your consideration! Please note that our stylists would have to see your hair in-person to determine the best treatment for you.

To tame frizz or/and straighten hair:

Option #1: Cinderella Treatment ($378)
  • Suitable for: Smoothening frizzy, damaged hair, caused by genetics/exposure to sun/lifestyle changes. ✓ Restoring shine & smoothness to Bleached, damaged hair ✓ Taming thick, curly hair Those who want to colour their hair on the same day (subject to consultation) Texture control to remove existing frizz before perming hair (subject to consultation)

  • Not suitable for: X Those looking to fully straighten their hair X Those who wish to keep their natural curls as curly as possible. In removing frizz, some level of curls will be lost.

  • Longevity: 1.5 to 2 months, sometimes up to 3 months. depending on original hair condition & lifestyle habits such as blow-drying daily, sun & UV ray exposure, use of home-care treatments.

  • Effect: - Hair becomes smooth, glossy & shiny - Smoother hair allows for easier perming/colouring - Curly hair is less frizzy - More manageable, reduces blow-drying & styling time

  • Duration: 2.5 hrs

  • How it works:

One of the best keratin treatments hailing from Korea, Cinderella Treatment is a game-changer for anti-frizz action. Using 7 kinds of plant (such as onion & organic aloe vera) & wool keratin, this combination oxidises to form fiber protein and penetrate into the hair, allowing hair structure to be straighter, stronger and softer. It is suitable for damaged bleached hair despite the involvement of straight ironing in the process due to its organic ingredients. The lack of parabens ensures safety of hair. Step 1: Hair is washed once-twice with a pre=treatment clarifying shampoo to remove toxins and build up. As it exfoliates, hair growth potential is improved.

Step 2: Keratin is applied on dried/wet hair (subject to hair type). During this stage, due to the plant keratin components, a slight stinging sensation in eyes may occur. For those sensitive, please keep eyes closed.

Step 3: Keratin is allowed to rest in hair for 10-15 mins before rinsing off.

Step 4: Hair is dried (Stinging sensation may occur) before straight ironing.

Step 5: Rinse hair and apply sealer Step 6: Dry & style hair.

Option #2: Advante Treatment Perm ($421) / Straightening ($486) (includes $40 home-care treatment)

  • Suitable for: Frizzy hair caused by chemical services (e.g: hair colouring) Lightly damaged hair (e.g: hair that has been bleached once) Those with curled hair (natural or previously permed), hoping to improve texture of curls Those who love the look of permed/straightened hair, but avoid rebonding/perming due to how dry their hair becomes Those who want to straighten but have heavily damaged hair (*subject to consultation)

  • Not suitable for: X Those who want to perm but have heavily damaged hair (permed looks tend to make hair look drier) X Those who want to straighten but have hair that is "too healthy" (e.g: strong natural waves in their hair) X Those who want to colour their hair on the same day. It's recommended to colour first, before doing Advante 1-2 weeks later.

  • Longevity: - 2/3 months to half a year, depending on original level of hair damage & if home-care is used. - Strength/longevity of curls is dependent on original hair level damage

  • Effect: While giving your hair smoothness, softness, strength & shine, enjoy the option of straightening/curling without the adverse affects of a traditional perm/rebonding.

  • Duration: 3-4 hrs, depending on level of hair damage

  • How it works:

With the advancement in hair technology, Advante Treatment is considered the "2nd generation" of the long-beloved keratin treatment. A gentler solution compared to keratin, it does not contain formaldehyde. Each step is also formulated to repair the hair, with natural ingredients (e.g:meadowfoam, macademia seed oil) working to maintain hair integrity. As the hair is processed with low heat & without opening the cuticles of the hair, it does not further damage your hair. Step 1: Add moisture to hair with Advante shampoo. Step 2: Apply straightening first lotion is first applied, before washing off Step 3: Apply Advante treatment, with different strength options available & carefully selected based on an individual's level of hair damage. Step 4: Use straightening iron to lightly straighten frizz out Step 5: Apply second lotion and rinse hair. For more info:


Treat dry/damaged hair:

Option #1: Tokio Inkarami LIMITED Treatment ($194)
  • Suitable for: Damaged hair, split ends, caused by chemical services Hair that tends to curl outwards/frizz due to hair damage (e.g: after dying/bleaching hair) Heat damage caused by frequent usage of blowdryer/iron ✓ Hair damaged from frequent outdoor environment

  • Not suitable for: X None, but for heavily damaged hair it requires continuous treatment and will not recover in one session

  • Longevity: 1.5-2 months, depending on original hair damage

  • Effect: Hair is calmed down, less frizzy and feels more moisturised, silky

  • Duration: 1 hr

  • How it works:

Room is one of the few salons offering Tokio Inkarami LIMITED, providing more intensive cuticle and strengthening care in comparison to the typical Tokio Inkarami.

There are two common causes of hair damage. 1) When one does colouring/perming services. This process opens the cuticles of the hair, and causes proteins in the cortex (inside) of the hair to flow out. The hair thus becomes unbalanced, losing its firmness and elasticity. 2) When heat is applied daily/digital perm is done repeatedly. This causes "protein denaturation", where the protein in the hair becomes hard.

Tokio Inkarami LIMITED replenishes the lost protein, interlocking them in the hair using a patented technology called "INKARAMI." By packing the hair strand with different molecule sizes of keratin, maximum moisturising effects on both the outside and the inside of the hair is achieved, resulting in stronger, silkier, moisturised hair. Step 1: Shampoo & apply Tokio 0 containing urea. Urea is a naturally occurring component of the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) in hair & skin that helps retain large amounts of water & promote penetration of keratin amino acids, ceramides & hydrolyzed silk. Step 2: Apply Tokio 1 to create a keratin base for INKARAMI reaction. Contains keratin of the smallest molecule size & fullerene, the world's strongest antioxidant. Step 3: Apply Tokio 2MM/2SS by physically pressing inside hair. When combined with 1, they work together within the cortex (inside) to moisturise the hair. Strength & hair elasticity is improved, creating a condition that makes keratin more difficult to flow out of hair. Step 4: Steam hair for effective penetration. Step 5: Apply Tokio 3MM/3SS. Contains keratin of 4 different molecule sizes, to fill the remaining gaps in the hair strands missed out by Tokio 0, 1, 2. Step 6: Shampoo hair with TOKIO IE Inkarami Platinum/Premium Shampoo containing Tokio 1. Apply Tokio 4MM/SS, to straighten the cuticles of the hair & replenish oil around surface of hair. Step 7: Apply Tokio Outkarami Air Treatment & Oil treatment before blow-drying. *It must be noted that in the case of hair damage reason 2), the keratin that has been replenished by Tokio Inkarami LIMITED is easily released in the nature of protein-denatured hair. As such, it is highly recommended to use Tokio Inkarami's home-care products to maintain the proteins and prevent the hair from returning to its original stiff condition.

Option #2: Milbon Treatment ($124 including home care treatment)
  • Suitable for: Damaged hair, caused by chemical services Hair that looks dry on the outside (could be due to genetics) Those who just coloured their hair & want to reduce damage (A form of aftercare) Those wanting to grow out their hair longer while minimising hair damage

  • Not suitable for: X Those primarily looking to tame frizzy hair

  • Longevity: 3 weeks - 1 month, with home-care treatment used weekly

  • Effect: Hair is physically smoother & looks shinier

  • Duration: 1 hr

  • How it works:

A type of surface treatment, milbon treatment primarily works to repair the cuticles (outside) of the hair. It is typically the go-to treatment for those who feel that their hair is dry after colouring their hair, and acts as a form of immediate after-care. As a coating treatment, it can also protect your newly coloured hair to increase the longevity of the hair colour.

Step 1: After washing hair, a coating treatment Milbon #1 is applied. Targeting the damaged parts of the hair, this coating works to make each hair strand "uniform" in shape, so as to make it look smoother. Step 2: Apply Milbon #2. This moisturises the tips of the hair, by replenishing it with water. Step 3: Steam hair before washing off & applying an aqua smooth creme. Acting as a "veil", this creme smoothens the hair from root to ends.

Step 4: Home-care treatment. As Milbon is primarily a coating treatment, this coating tends to wear off after a week or so due to regular shampooing. To protect the longevity, home-care treatment is necessary. While Tokio Inkarami works to repair both the outside & inside of the hair, Milbon primarily focuses on the outside of the hair.

Option #3: Advante Water Treatment ($54, Only available as a step-treatment for high-damage hair when bleaching)
  • Suitable for: Damaged hair, caused by previous chemical services Those who primarily want to strengthen the inside of their hair, before doing colour/perm/rebondingSensitive skin, as its main ingredient is water & most ingredients are natural extracts

  • Not suitable for: X None, but because it focuses on repairing the inside of the hair, long-lasting effects of smooth & shine on the outside of the hair will not be visible. At Room, we now only offer it as a step-treatment before bleach colouring services, not as an Ala carte menu.

  • Longevity: Up to 4 weeks

  • Effect: - Strengthens the inside of the hair to prevent hair breakage, before doing bleach colouring.

  • Duration: Additional 0.5 hours alongside other services

  • How it works: This treatment aims to repair the inside (cortex) and outside (cuticle) of the hair in only 2 steps. When there is cortex and cuticle damage, hair loses smoothness & shine due to outflow of CMC. Hair also becomes brittle & dry due to outflow of proteins. This highly natural treatment utilises electrolysed water as its key active ingredient, to penetrate the hair swiftly and strengthen it within seconds. Step 1: Section hair & spray Advante 1, before blowdrying. Advante 1 contains 18 amino acids and cortex CMCS to repair the cortex. Hair will start to harden, a sign of the cortex being strengthened. Step 2: Apply Bleach + Colour as per normal. Step 3: During final rinse, apply Advante 2. Advante 2 focuses on cuticle repair. It contains the world's strongest antioxidant, Fullerene along with 8 botanical extracts (e.g: Macadamia, Lavender, Calendula...etc) Step 4: Blow dry. It must be noted that the while the salon treatment treats both the inside & outside of the hair , it largely focuses on repairing internal damage of the hair. For further smoothness & shine on the outside of the hair, it is recommended to do Milbon/Tokio Inkarami treatment as well. View more of the process in our hair blog article!


I have sensitive scalp/am pregnant, is this suitable for me?

While all treatments are generally safe, we take extra precaution as the treatments do not touch your scalp. Our treatments only focuses on the damaged parts of your hair.

All treatments are certified to be safe for pregnant ladies and we have had no issues with customers coming in to do the treatments, insofar as they can withstand the typical scent of a hair salon & sitting in the salon chair. However, we recommend seeking approval from your doctor as a precaution.


How often should i go for treatment?

For most treatments, in order to improve the longevity & efficacy, it is recommended to do it once every 4 weeks & use the right home care products. This is especially so for heavily damaged hair, as a single session may not be sufficient to completely treat the hair.

For folks with multiple hair concerns, our stylists will have to analyse your hair type/condition in person, before making the best recommendation for you



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