Room's Tailor-Made Headspa just got an Upgrade! PREMIUM Headspa available now.

Since the launch of our regular headspa, we've had several requests from customers wishing it was even longer, simply because it felt so good!

Designed to improve blood circulation and reduce stress/fatigue so as to encourage healthy hair growth, Room's headspa can be likened to a Japanese Onsen - but for your head. We've talked about why & who needs a headspa in our previous article (Read about our regular Headspa here: ).

Our Premium version now features GREATER comfort, DEEPER cleansing, and LONGER lymphatic drainage massage.

Just as how we eat vegetables for our body to gain necessary nutrients, the speciality of our headspa is harnessing the natural power of vegetables to pack your hair/scalp with minerals, vitamins & antioxidants.

The Process

1) Consultation with customer to address their hair concerns & recommend suitable products.

2) Welcome Massage (Premium version only): We're introducing a 100% natural oil cleanser to provide a deeper cleanse for your scalp first

  • Chockfull of vitamins A, E and D, it's designed to resemble our skin's natural protective sebum, moisturising your scalp while still effectively removing grime.

  • Non-comedogenic, it is suitable for all skin types;

  • Effective for those suffering from scalp oiliness, dryness, dandruff, and acne-prone skin.

As your relax with a hot pack to release shoulder tension, the oil is massaged in and steamed to encourage deeper penetration.

3) Shampoo & Massage: Enjoy another quick massage session at the shampoo booth. Based on your scalp concern, Adjuvant shampoo, or a Charcoal-based shampoo designed to improve blood circulation through massage, will be applied.

4) Apply selected oil based on hair concern:

5) Scalp & Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Longer in Premium version; duration: 30 mins)

- Targeted to eliminate your body’s waste - An all-encompassing massage effective for hair care & recovery of facial/head fatigue. - Great for people experiencing eye, shoulder & brain fatigue. - Anti-Aging Care: Loosened muscles produce a lift-up facial effect

Done at our cushy recliner, rest your eyes with a warm eye mask, and an additional option of listening to music if you please! (*Earbuds are replaced with new ones after each session for hygiene reasons).

6) Milbon Treatment is applied to moisturise your hair, and steamed once again

7) Apply Viege Medicate essence to promote thicker, stronger & healthier hair. Contains

  • Ginseng, Bamboo Root, Mulberry root bark extract (Cell Activation)

  • Licorice, Licorice leaf (Female hormone-like effect, Anti-Inflammation)

  • Seaweed (Promote Hair growth)

  • Sialid (Promote Blood Circulation)

8) Light Scalp & Lymphatic drainage massage on scalp & neck/collarbone areas (duration: 5 mins)