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Relax while deep cleansing scalp: Room's Premium Head Spa

Since the launch of our regular head spa, we've had several customers wishing it was longer, simply because it felt so good!

Room's Premium Head Spa now features GREATER comfort, DEEPER scalp cleansing, and LONGER lymphatic drainage massage.

Bowl of Fruits & Vegetables


A popular Japanese hair scalp treatment, head spas encourage healthy hair growth. This is done by improving the scalp's blood circulation & reducing stress/fatigue. It can be likened to a Japanese Onsen. ( but for your head!)

We've talked about why & who a head spa is recommended here: Regular Head Spa At Room: We eat vegetables to gain necessary nutrients for our body. Similarly, our head spa ingredients feature the best fruits and vegetables for hair growth. We pack the scalp full of minerals, vitamins & antioxidants!


1) Complimentary scalp consultation

To address your hair concerns & recommend suitable products.

2) Welcome Head Massage

(Available only in Premium version)

Deep cleanse scalp with a 100% natural oil cleanser.

  • Chockfull of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D, it's designed to resemble our skin's natural protective sebum. Scalp is moisturised while effectively removing grime.

  • Non-comedogenic. (Suitable for all skin types)

  • Effective for oily scalp. dry scalp, dandruff, acne-prone scalp.

Oil is massaged in & steamed for deeper penetration. Relax with an aromatic hot pack to release shoulder tension.

3) Shampoo & Massage

Enjoy another head massage at the shampoo booth with the right shampoo:

- Hydrates scalp & hair damaged by hair colouring & perms. - Moisturises scalp. (With Sodium dilauramido glutamide lysine)

- For scalp lacking in hair volume. Promotes hair growth.

- Creates firmness, volume & body. (With flutamic acid, asparagine acid, arginine)

- Exfoliates scalp. Act as natural preservatives. (With willow bark extract)

- Prevent itching. (With sasa albo-marginata extract, licorice leaf extract, willow bark extract) - Moisturises scalp. (With hyaluronic acid) - Fragrance free.

  • Napla Imprime Soda Shampoo for Oily Scalp

- Removes strong excess sebum & dirt without over-drying.

- Moisturises scalp. (With argan oil, rose, lavender, rosemary & more)

4) Apply appropriate scalp oil

  • Balance Suppli for Oily Scalp

- Prevents oxidised sebum plugs. (with Lemon AHA; astringent) - Improves skin metabolism. (with carrot root, pumpkin fruit, eucalyptus leaf extract) - Subtle cooling sensation.

  • Soothing Suppli for Dry & Itchy Scalp

- Moisturises dry & inflamed scalp. (with Okra polysaccharides, aloe vera polysaccharides, broccoli, celery extract)

  • Vital Suppli for Scalp lacking in Vitality, Sensitive Scalp - Promotes blood circulation & warms a tired scalp. (with Red ginger, red wine, pomegranate fruit extract) - Subtle, pleasant warming sensation.

5) Scalp & Lymphatic Drainage Massage

(Premium Version: 30 mins)

  • Targeted to eliminate your body’s waste.

  • An all-encompassing massage to relieve eye fatigue, brain fatigue, shoulder tension.

  • Anti-Aging Care: Loosened muscles produce a lift-up facial effect.

Relax while deep cleansing scalp at our ergonomic cushy recliner & warm eye mask.

(Option of listening to music if you please! New earbuds are used after each session for hygiene)

6) Apply Milbon Hair Treatment

Apply Milbon treatment (4 step treatment) to moisturise dry hair & increase softness of hair. Steam hair to open cuticles for better absorption, before washing.

*This step is skipped if scalp only treatment is done

7) Apply Viege Medicate Essence

A hair tonic to promote thicker, stronger & healthier hair.

  • Ginseng, Bamboo Root, Mulberry root bark extract (Cell Activation)

  • Licorice, Licorice leaf (Female hormone-like effect, Anti-Inflammation)

  • Seaweed (Promote Hair growth)

  • Sialid (Promote Blood Circulation)

8) Light Scalp & Lymphatic drainage massage

On scalp, neck/collarbone areas. (Duration: 5 Mins)

9) Blow dry hair

10) Scalp check

Final scan to see refreshed scalp condition.

How Often Should I do a Headspa?

Every 3-4 weeks is recommended to achieve long-term results. Daily maintenance is also important. This includes applying hair tonic to aid in hair growth.


How Much Is It & How Long Will It Take?

Head spa is a shortened, interchangeable name for Scalp & Hair Treatment in Room's menu. There are 4 options:

1. Premium Scalp & Milbon Hair Treatment (~2 hours)


2. Regular Scalp & Milbon Hair Treatment (~1.5 hours) $194 (under Combo Menu Promotion, U.P $259)

3. Premium Scalp Only Treatment (1.5 hours)

$`157 (Step 5's massage is 20 mins long. Option to top up $20 to extend massage time by 10 minutes.)

3. Regular Scalp Only Treatment (~1 hour)


*Duration is subject to hair condition, +/-.


Is Head Spa Pregnancy-Safe?

Yes! Plus, enjoy better comfort as our shampoo booth & massage chair reclines. It is also a suitable post-partum hair loss treatment.

Book Now!

Whatsapp/Call 8814 4360.

Get ready to relax while deep cleansing scalp ♫

Psst, gift cards are also available, as a present to a loved one!


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