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Advante Treatment: Enjoy straightened/permed hair while keeping your hair smooth & moisturised!

What is it?

The latest innovation in hair technology in Singapore, Advante treatment gives you beautiful, moisturised & silky-smooth hair while also offering the option to straighten or curl your hair.

Each step & ingredient is formulated to repair the hair. Advante contains natural extracts (namely: meadowfoam, macademia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, persimmon fruit juice ferment extract and silk) to nourish the hair and protect it against environmental/thermal damage.

What's the difference between Classic Rebonding/Perm & Advante Treatment?

Traditional rebonding/perms rely on opening the outside layer (cuticles) of the hair to straighten or curl the hair. This often has the side effect of causing nutrients (lipids) found in the inside layer (cortex) to slip out.

The cuticles are also responsible from protecting your hair from environmental pollutants, and UV rays. For those who constantly rebond/perm, this results in your hair looking duller & drier over time.

Cross-section of hair strand (Image credit: Tes Teach)

Advante treatment however, does not have to open the hair cuticles to shape the hair. This is because it is an acidic lotion, and is able to work at a low pH of 4-6. (Unlike traditional rebonding/perm lotions that are alkaline and have to work at higher pH of 7.5-9)

This means the cortex of the hair & its nutrients are still well-protected by its cuticles, thereby minimising hair damage. From light, airy curls to ones that are tighter & have more definition, a variety of perm styles is possible. Our stylists will consult with you to find the one that brings out your best features.

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What's the difference between a Keratin Treatment & Advante Treatment (Straightening)?

For those who have always relied on keratin treatment to straighten their hair & tame frizz, Advante is the more gentler option to help smooth, give strength, softness, & shine to your hair. Considered the "second generation" after Keratin, it does not contain formaldehyde (a solution which some may be sensitive to).

With keratin, it can also be difficult to change your hairstyle in future (e.g: doing certain colours/perm/rebonding) as the keratin pigment would get in the way of that. Advante Treatment makes it easier to change hairstyles in the future (although it also depends on how damage your hair is in the first place!)

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In your menu, what's the difference between "Advante Smooth" & "Advante Treatment (Straightening)"?

Advante Smooth ($290) largely focuses on only repairing hair frizziness, it does not strictly straighten the hair. For folks who want both repairing of frizz and have a "soft rebonded look", Advante Treatment Straightening ($390) is the way to go.

In summary, if we were to rank the different services in terms of strength, it would be as follows: