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Your Space, Your Pace.

Rooted in the philosophy of self-care, Room Hair Salon is designed to be a homely sanctuary.  
As you sit back & enjoy bespoke hairstyles, we provide the elements for you to restore your physical & emotional sense of balance in a busy world, by appealing to your five senses. 


We strive to be a safe space for all.
complimentary consultations as our stylists provide an honest evaluation. Whether it's a maintenance style
or a complete transformation you're after, 
share your concerns freely. 

We believe in being kind to yourself.
Only the best haircare products are used, approved &
well-loved in our personal routines.


Our wish is to work together to find your authentic self
through hairstyling, at your own pace. This is reflected
in our logo resembling steps, metaphorical
for taking the next step forward. 



We strive to keep things interesting, so that there will always be something new for you to check out. Enjoy seasonal refreshments on the house. 
Feel free to use our Wi-Fi, charging ports & cables; 
Room is your room. 

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