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Your Space, Your Pace.

Rooted in the philosophy of self-care, Room is designed to be a homely sanctuary.  

As you sit back & enjoy bespoke hairstyles, we provide the elements for you to restore your physical & emotional sense of balance in a busy world, by appealing to your five senses. 

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A safe space for all, consultations are complimentary & our stylists will provide an honest evaluation & address
concerns about your hair. 

We believe in being kind to yourself.
Only the best products are used, approved &
well-loved in our personal routines.


Our wish is to work together to find your authentic self
through hairstyling, at your own pace. This is reflected
in our logo & our helical staircase design,
metaphorical for taking the next step forward. 



Our cafe-esque interior is designed to be social.
Whether you are here on appointment or waiting for your companion, enjoy refreshments on the house.


Feel free to use our Wi-Fi, charging ports & cables; 
Room is your room.