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Limited Edition Scalp and Hair Treatment: Aromatherapy Headspa & Express Headspa

At Room, being able to delight your senses with new offerings while maintaining what you love here is important to us. Our headspa services are no exception - while cherishing the support you have for Room’s premium headspa & regular head spa, we're working with two powerhouses in Asian & Western beauty to introduce two new headspa variations (limited period only!).

Embrace the power of nature at its highest potential with LA CASTA & DAVINES.

With premium botanical ingredients cultivated in their own farms, both brands pride themselves in being gentle to yourself & the environment. Since the 1980s, treatments are optimised for effectiveness while being sustainably grown to respect the earth they grow in.

La Casta Scalp and Hair Treatment ( Aromatherapy Headspa in Singapore )

1) Immersive Aromatherapy with LA CASTA (Healing Course)

With a signature head spa salon in GINZA & 2000 partner salons in Japan since 1986, LA CASTA pioneered the use of essential oils in hair care. With the vitality & healing power of plants, they addresse diverse scalp & hair problems due to different hair types, environmental damage, & stress to achieve a healthy beauty.

Suitable for those:

  • Looking for slow relaxation; enjoy natural aromas that heal of body & mind

  • Tackle scalp problems: itchy scalp, dandruff, oily scalp, strong odour

  • Tackle hair problems: smoothening fine & flat hair, moisturising dry hair, volumise ageing hair, easy managing of frizzy hair

LA CASTA products uses soft water from Japan's Northern Alps to moisturise Asian fragile or hard hair type.

Recognising the essential role of water in our body & in cosmetics, LA CASTA’s farm is located where soft water from the Northern Alps in Nagano flows 100m below surface. Plants here are full of vitality. The water has excellent mineral balance, perfect for moisturising Asians' fragile / hard hair type & fine, sensitive skin.

Image of La Casta's Natural Healing Garden where premium essential oil extracts are grown.

Cultivating their own premium essential oils & organic plant ingredients, LA CASTA prides itself in its high quality natural fragrance; as if you are touching the flower, plant, fruit yourself.  Delicate blends reflect ancient traditions of using essential oils to enhance the body's natural vitality, soothe minds, & restore balance. 

LA CASTA's high quality foam used in their haircare promotes gentle yet deeply effective cleansing.

Through meticulous blending of ingredients known for their fineness, elasticity & cleansing properties, LA CASTA’s foam is dense with superior cleansing power that easily rinses off. Cushioning properties minimises friction to lift dirt gently.

LA CASTA x ROOM Hair Salon Head Spa

Essential oils are deeply interconnected with the 4 elements of nature: Earth, Air, Fire & Water - offering physical & therapeutic healing commonly associated with each element; from soothing to invigorating effects.

This synergy forms LA CASTA x ROOM’s Headspa. As delicate blends restore balance to your scalp, comforting aromas simultaneously enhance your mental well-being.

Pick aromas that suit your state of mind, or leave it up to our stylists based on your scalp health. For example, just as rosemary essential oil for hair encourages hair growth, it can also reduce stress levels and promote better sleep.

La Casta's headspa is a spin-off Room's Premium Headspa:

  1. Scalp Consultation with scalp scanner, & select elemental course.

  2. Welcome Massage with steaming - Deep cleanse with 100% natural oil cleanser to remove grime & moisturise scalp.

  3. Shampoo massage with relevant shampoo.

  4. Apply targeted scalp tonic that includes essential oil & relax with an all-encompassing lymphatic drainage massage. Massage stimulates blood circulation to encourage penetration of ingredients, while relieving eye fatigue, brain fatigue & shoulder tension. Loosened muscles produces a lift-up facial effect as a form of anti-aging care.

  5. Rinse off & apply Milbon Hair Treatment.

  6. Blow dry.

The scalp's skin cell turnover renews once every 28 days. It is recommended to repeat this treatment once every month for long term best results.

2) Revitalise in Minutes with DAVINES (Express Cleansing Headspa)

Aligning formula & ethics with UN's 2023 sustainable development goals, DAVINES unites Beauty + Sustainability. Born in Italy, they create beauty that encourages people to take care of themselves, things they love & the environment that they love / work in.

Naturaltech line converges nature & cutting-edge technology: Phytoceuticals (plant-produced chemicals) offer defense & antioxidants while high-performing active ingredients blends plant extracts with raw materials to address problems like excessive oiliness, hormonal hair loss treatments for females & more. Suitable For:

  • Busy people - Quick yet revitalising, process takes ~1 hour.

  • Customised treatment solving up to 24 types of scalp & hair concerns to restore healthy, natural state.

  • Those who have a special event & want a boost of pampering before styling

All DAVINES creations begin here. Botanics are grown according to aromatic, medicinal, tinting, & perfumed categories- selected based on their scientific properties. or for staff well-being.

Based on principles of Regenerative Organic Agriculture, every hair infusion replaces synthetic chemicals with natural origin ingredients. 

DAVINES x ROOM Hair Salon Head Spa

1 Range, 24 Ways.

For customers who lack time to indulge in a relaxing head spa but still want to care for their scalp & hair health, enjoy immediate results with little processing time with DAVINES Herbal Hair Infusion Fast Treatment.

Target Primary Concern with a Naturally Derived Base Serum: 1. Volumize Fine, Thinning Hair | Cellulose fibres extracted from wood coats hair naturally to add extra body 2. Moisturise Dry, Brittle Hair | Plant oils with bio-based elastomers creates film to reduce dehydration & improve softness. 3. Improve Shine on Colour Treated Hair | Light reflecting RSPO mass balance certified palm oil makes hair radiant & soft. 4. Strengthen Fragile, Stressed Hair | New molecules from sugar penetrates hair’s keratin structure to create new bonds. Next, Target Secondary Concern with a Botanical Extract Booster:

Volume | +2 times more with Mallow Extract Hydration | +18.3 times more with Prickly Pear Shine| +4.3 times more Red Grape Extract Reinforcement | +26% with Amaranth Extract:

Compact | +7 times more with Elder Extract (control unruly hair) Blonde Brightening | +5.5 times with Myrtle Extract

  1. Consultation to identify primary & secondary concern.

  2. Shampoo Massage with 100% Kaolin clay & shampoo to deep cleanse scalp. Energizing | stimulate & revitalise scalp lacking in vitality & fragile hair Rebalancing | cleanse scalp with excessive sebum production Calming | soothes sensitive, inflamed scalp Leave on between 7 - 15 mins.

  3. Rinse off with selected shampoo

  4. Apply base treatment

  5. Apply booster treatment

  6. Rinse & Blow dry hair

It is recommended to repeat this treatment once every 2 weeks for continuous results. (Subject to hair condition such as level of hair damage & hair type.)

Enquiries/Ready to Book a Headspa? Whatsapp 8814 4360 now!

Prices as follows: Full Headspa Menu: - La Casta Scalp & Hair Treatment - Premium Scalp & Hair Treatment $270 Combo Menu Promotion (U.P $301) *Total duration: ~2hours.

Main lymphatic drainage massage: 30 minutes.

Exclusive inclusions: In-depth scalp scanner consultation & deep-cleanse welcome massage. - La Casta Scalp Only Treatment - Premium Scalp Only Treatment $157 *Total duration: ~1.5hours.

Main lymphatic drainage massage: 20 minutes. Option to extend +10 mins for $20 Exclusive inclusions: In-depth scalp scanner consultation & deep-cleanse welcome massage. - Davines Express Scalp & Hair Treatment  $135 *Total duration: ~1 hour. - Regular Scalp Only Treatment  $135 *Total duration: ~1 hour.

Main lymphatic drainage massage: 20 minutes. - Regular Scalp & Hair Treatment $194 Combo Menu Promotion (U.P $259) *Total duration: ~1.5 hours.

Main lymphatic drainage massage: 20 minutes. *Duration is an estimate, subject to hair condition.


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