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Our Tailor-Made Headspa to target Hair & Scalp problems

Image of vegetables. Vegetable hair treatment.

Why & Who Should Do Headspa?

As we get older, 3 types of phenomena occurs.

Thinning Hair

In our 30s & above, our hair naturally starts to thin & decrease in strength.

Why? As we age, women experience a decrease in the amount of female hormones produced, while men experience an excessive secretion of male hormones & sebum. The number of blood capillaries also decreases, resulting in poor blood circulation.

As a result, hairline parting gets more obvious due to a decrease in the number of hair in each pore (in women), and hair becomes soft and downy especially at the top (in men).

Hair Frizz & Unwanted Waves

As we age, the inside (cortex) of our hair hollows out, causing the hair to lose strength and shape. The hair thus looks frizzy, lacks firmness, and has unwanted waves.

The surface (cuticle) layer that helps maintain hair elasticity also starts to reduce, decreasing further towards hair ends. This makes the hair rough and hard, losing its elasticity and shine.

This decline in hair strength is true, regardless of whether you have done a lot of chemical services (hair colouring, perming, rebonding, etc.) before or little to none at all.

Image of Cross-Section of Hair Strand: Medulla, Cortex, Cuticle

Image Credit: Tes Teach

Thinning Scalp

Our scalp starts to become thin and hard due to a decrease in cell production of elastic ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid & more. The condition of the scalp changes:

As the scalp loses elasticity & its strength to support hair, the hair loses volume & changes in silhouette. It also becomes difficult to nurture healthy hair.

A headspa is thus a form of protection & targeted treatment for your scalp and hair to encourage healthy hair growth, and make beautiful hair designs continuously possible.

Room's Tailor-Made Headspa

Just as how we eat vegetables for our body to gain necessary nutrients, the speciality of our headspa is harnessing the natural power of vegetables to pack your hair/scalp with minerals, vitamins & antioxidants.

Our certified headspa meister Emiko will first analyse your hair condition, before selecting the appropriate Viege products to combat your hair concern.

The Process

1) Consultation with customer to address their hair concerns & recommend suitable products.

2) Shampoo to gently remove sebum, odour & metal ions & support penetration of treatment.

Adjuvant Shampoo is selected based on hair concern.

2) Apply selected oil based on hair concern: