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Want to bleach your hair but fear hair damage? Consider our step treatment: Advante Water!

What is Advante Series?

Introducing Advante Series, a new line-up that is designed to achieve the most wanted 5S, while keeping its ingredients as natural as possible.

  • SMOOTHEST finishing

  • SOFTEST touch

  • STRENGTH & Repair

  • SHINE & glow

  • STYLE it the way you like

At Room, we offer 2 types of Advante-based services:

  1. Advante Water Treatment ($50): Hair strengthening step treatment

  2. Advante Treatment Straightening/Perm ($390): Anti-frizz treatment that also allows you to straighten or curl hair (See our previous article here!)

Why should you do Advante Water Treatment before colouring/bleaching?

To enjoy beautiful hairstyles long-term, it is important to care for the health of your hair first. If your hair is too damaged, most stylists would not recommend doing any chemical services as it would cause your hair to break. Adding Water Treatment as a form of step-treatment would help to instantly strengthen and protect your hair first, before bleaching/colouring your hair.

Suitable for folks who are:

  • Suffering from hair breakage, split ends

  • Rough, dry & brittle hair

  • Dull-looking hair

  • Have damaged hair caused by chemical services

  • Have existing bleached hair & looking to do bleach again/doing another colour, but worried about further hair damage

Not Suitable for:

  • None, but the main aim of the treatment is to repair the inside of the hair. To enjoy immediate, visible effects of smooth & shine on the outside of your hair, pair it with home-care treatment/Milbon/Tokio Inkarami Treatment.

  • Only offered as a step treatment, rather than an Ala Carte service.


  • Up to 4 weeks, with use of complimentary home-care treatment


  • Additional 0.5 hours alongside other services, depending on level of hair damage

How does Water Treatment combat Hair Breakage, Dry & Brittle Hair?

Like its namesake, WATER is the key active ingredient used to repair hair damage. Through the process of electrolysation, H2O bonds become highly reactive; penetrating the hair swiftly to repair the cortex & strengthen the inner core within seconds:

Damaged hair cuticle/cortex before & after Advante Water Treatment:

Immediate Before/After (before bleaching/colouring again):

The Process: Advante Water Treatment before bleaching / colouring bleached hair:

Step 1: Apply Advante 1. Contains electrolysed water, 18 Amino acids & Cortex CMCs. Small molecular weight allows for deeper penetration into hair to repair the cortex (inside) of hair.

Step 2: Apply Bleach/Colour as per normal. Step 3: During final rinse, apply Advante 2. It contains Fullerene; world's strongest anti-oxidant to increase moisture retention.

End Result:

Maintain Treatment Effects with the Right Home-care

Environmental factors/regular hair washing reduces the efficacy salon treatment over time. As such, it is recommended to use the right home-care products for your daily needs, to help maintain the salon treatment effects until your next visit For Advante, with at least a month of continued usage, you should see an improvement in hair texture, smoothness & shine.

1) Advante Treatment ($40/900g) *complimentary with every Advante-based treatment

  • Controls shape & frizz, giving hair smoothness & shine

  • Contains exact same ingredients as salon's treatments (but differs in intensity)

  • Lightweight; unique formulation ensures hair only absorbs what it needs, no matter which hair type

  • 8 botanical extracts: Macadamia Ternifolia Seed, English Lavender, St John's Wort, Calendula, Chamomile, Cornflower, Roman Chamomile, Small Leaved Lime

  • No Artificial Fragrance

2) Advante Shampoo ($62/200ml)

  • Gentle cleanser that rebalances scalp to a healthy condition

  • Hematin ingredient promotes blood circulation for beautiful hair growth & anti-aging effects

  • Paraben & Sulfate Free

  • No Artificial Fragrance (tint of Lavender)


Keen to try Advante? Our stylists will always need to do an in-person consultation to see if your hair is suitable, or recommend an alternative. Book an appointment by whatsapp/call 8814 4360 today!


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