ADVANTE Smooth + ADVANTE H2O Treatment - Keep frizz at bay while strengthening your locks!

What is Advante Series?

Introducing Advante Series, a new line-up that is designed to achieve the most wanted 5S, while keeping its ingredients as natural as possible.

  • SMOOTHEST finishing

  • SOFTEST touch

  • STRENGTH & Repair

  • SHINE & glow

  • STYLE it the way you like

At Room, we offer 3 types of Advante-based services:

  1. Advante Smooth Treatment: Anti-frizz, smoothening treatment

  2. Advante H2O Treatment: Hair strengthening treatment

  3. Advante Treatment Straightening/Perm: Anti-frizz treatment that also allows you to straighten or curl hair (See our previous article here!)

Advante Smooth Treatment $330 + Complimentary home-care treatment

Gone are the days where you have to suffer from frizzy, unruly hair. Comprising only of light straightening work, maintain volume in your hair while achieving natural, flowy sleek tresses for fuss-free mornings. A highly natural treatment, Advante Smooth is chockfull of natural extracts (namely: meadowfoam, macademia seed oil, jojoba seed oil, persimmon fruit juice ferment extract and silk) to nourish the hair and protect it against environmental/thermal damage. The end result is shiny silky smooth hair. Suitable for:

  • Frizzy hair caused by chemical services (e.g: hair colouring)

  • Lightly damaged hair (e.g: bleached once/highlights)

  • Want to largely keep their natural hair shape & not fully straighten it

Not suitable for:

  • None, but for folks with more severe natural frizziness caused by genetics, Advante Treatment Straightening/others may be recommended as it is stronger

Longevity: 4-6 weeks, depending on original level of frizziness & if home-care is used.

Duration: 2.5 hours What's the difference between A Keratin Treatment & Advante Smooth Treatment?

At Room, we have made the decision to switch our Keratin-based straightening treatment to Advante Treatment. For those who have always relied on Keratin to smoothen their hair & tame frizz, Advante Smooth is the more gentler option to achieve this. Considered the "second generation" after Keratin, it does not contain formaldehyde; a solution which some are sensitive to. With keratin, it can also be difficult to change your hairstyle in future (e.g: doing certain chemical services such as colours/perm/rebonding) as the keratin pigment would get in the way of that. This is not an issue with Advante Smooth, allowing you to freely change hairstyles in future!

Check out a quick clip of the Advante Smooth process here!

Advante H2O Treatment: Hair Strengthening Treatment $230 + Complimentary home-care treatment

To enjoy beautiful hairstyles long-term, it is important to care for the health of your hair first. If your hair is too damaged, most stylists would not recommend doing further chemical services.

In comes Advante H2O treatment; a step-treatment designed to strengthen your hair first before doing any other chemical services.

Suitable for folks who are:

  • Suffering from hair breakage, split ends

  • Rough, dry & brittle hair

  • Dull-looking hair

  • Have damaged hair caused by chemical services

  • Want to do chemical services such as colou