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Questions on different colouring techniques? See here!

What is 3D Colouring?

Our stylists will consider your current hair base before adding highlights/midlights/lowlights accordingly. This will help give dimension to your hair, as opposed to a simple full head colour. No bleach is involved, resulting in a very natural look.

What is the difference between Highlights & Balayage?

Generally speaking, highlights start from the roots, while balayage concentrates colouring the middle to the ends of your hair in a gradient like effect. If you're looking for something more maintenance, consider balayage whereby your natural roots can be blended with the coloured middle to the ends.

Why do I have to pay for full colour on top of highlights/balayage? This charge applies to bleach highlights/balayage only. The price for highlights/balayage in our menu covers 2 main costs: • Material cost of Olaplex care bleach

Workmanship cost. For highlights/balayage, an advanced level of skill/technique is needed by our stylists to apply the bleach, & this cost considers the years they spent honing this craft. Full colour then has to be applied to complete the final hair design in this 2-part process.

If you are not dying the base of your hair and only doing no bleach natural highlights/balayage, then full colour price is not required.

How long does it take to do....?

Here's a rough estimate! However, it also depends on the condition of your hair & your desired hair colour. For folks looking to cut too, an extra 30minutes is required. Root touch up: 1.5 hrs Full organic colour (no bleach): 1.5 hrs Highlights/Balayage + Full Colour: 3 hrs 3D Colour: 2 hrs

Care Bleach (1 round) + Colour: 3 hrs Care Bleach (2 rounds) + Colour: 4-5 hrs

Perm + Colour: 3 hrs

*We do not recommend putting other appointments in your personal schedule on the same day if you are doing whole head bleach, as it can be difficult to predict whether you can end on time.

Is it suitable for sensitive skin? Pregnancy-safe?

Yes! We have 80%-100% ammonia-free options for those who have sensitive skin. It is also pregnancy-safe, insofar as you can handle the scent & the duration it takes to get your hair done.

For ammonia-free colours, they tend to be darker.

Can I wash my hair after colouring?

We recommend not shampooing your hair for 48 hours after dying, to allow time for the dye to fully penetrate your hair. If absolutely needed, you can wash your hair with water & a little bit of conditioner.


Whatsapp/call 88144360 to make an appointment now!

For colouring enquiries, please send a clear photo of your current hair condition + a reference of your desired colour for us to be able to give you a better estimate.


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