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After salon hair colouring, use colour shampoo instead of normal shampoo to maintain the longevity of your hair colour.


SOMARCA Colour shampoo also provides gentle care for the hair after colouring. Hair becomes alkaline and weakens after colouring; especially after bleaching for double colouring. SOMARCA brings the hair back to its ideal pH balance (weak acid) and keeps it conditioned for a longer lasting hair colour.


Fresh & vibrant fagrance: The vibrant scent is based on the floral fragrances of rose & magnolia with a hint of fruits & mask. 



Purple: Reduces yellow tones for longer lasting white hair

Ash: Reduces orange & red tones for an excellent ash transparency 

Pink: Realises a sleek and lustrous pink 


 For more intense results, use SOMARCA Color Charge Treatment to intensify the colour and condition the hair. 


*For customers who coloured their hair at Room, feel free to check with our stylist on which colour is suitable for your hair before purchase. 

SOMARCA - Colour Shampoo

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