Which treatment is best for my hair concern?

Here's a quick guide for your consideration! Please note that our stylists would have to see your hair in-person to determine the best treatment for you.

To tame frizz/straighten hair:

Option #1: Advante Smooth Treatment ($330 including home-care treatment worth $40)
  • Suitable for: Frizzy hair caused by chemical services (e.g: hair colouring) Lightly damaged hair (e.g: hair that has been bleached once) Those who want to largely keep their natural hair shape & not fully straighten it

  • Not suitable for: X None, but for folks with more severe natural frizziness caused by genetics, Advante Treatment Straightening/others may be recommended as it is stronger

  • Longevity: - 4-6 weeks, depending on original level of frizziness & if home-care is used.

  • Effect: - Remove frizz through light straightening - Increase hair softness & shine

  • Duration: 2.5 hrs

  • How it works: With the advancement in hair technology, Advante Treatment is considered the "2nd generation" of the long-beloved keratin treatment. A gentler solution compared to keratin, it does not contain formaldehyde. Each step is also formulated to repair the hair, with natural ingredients (e.g:meadowfoam, macademia seed oil) working to maintain hair integrity. As the hair is processed with low heat & without opening the cuticles of the hair, it does not further damage your hair. Step 1: Add moisture to hair with Advante shampoo. Step 2: Apply straightening first lotion is first applied, before washing off Step 3: Apply Advante treatment, with different options available & carefully selected based on an individual's level of hair damage. Step 4: Use straightening iron to lightly straighten frizz out Step 5: Apply second lotion and rinse hair.

Option #2: Advante Treatment (Straighten or Perm) ($390 including $40 home-care treatment)

  • Suitable for: Frizzy hair caused by chemical services (e.g: hair colouring) Lightly damaged hair (e.g: hair that has been bleached once) Those with curled hair (natural or previously permed), hoping to improve texture of curls Those who love the look of permed/straightened hair, but avoid rebonding/perming due to how dry their hair becomes Those who want to straighten but have heavily damaged hair (*subject to consultation)

  • Not suitable for: X Those who want to perm but have heavily damaged hair (permed looks tend to make hair look drier) X Those who want to straighten but have hair that is "too healthy" (e.g: strong natural waves in their hair)

  • Longevity: - 2/3 months to half a year, depending on original level of hair damage & if home-care is used. - Strength/longevity of curls is dependent on original hair level damage

  • Effect: While giving your hair smoothness, softness, strength & shine, enjoy the option of straightening/curling without the adverse affects of a traditional perm/rebonding.

  • Duration: 3-4 hrs, depending on level of hair damage

  • How it works:

Advante Treatment Straightening/Perm is similar to Advante Smooth in terms of chemical ingredients/process. However, apart from removing frizz, it also gives you the option to enjoy straightened/curled hair. Compared to Advante Smooth: - Solution intensity is stronger, suitable for a wider range of hair types - For Straightening option, it consists of more heavy-duty straightening For more info:

Treat dry/damaged hair:

Option #1: Tokio Inkarami Treatment ($180)
  • Suitable for: Damaged hair, split ends, caused by chemical services Hair that tends to curl outwards/frizz due to hair damage (e.g: after dying/bleaching hair) Heat damage caused by frequent usage of blowdryer/iron

  • Not suitable for: X None, but for heavily damaged hair it requires continuous treatment and will not recover in one session

  • Longevity: 1.5-2 months, depending on original hair damage

  • Effect: Hair is calmed down, less frizzy and feels more moisturised

  • Duration: 1 hr

  • How it works:

There are two common causes of hair damage. 1) When one does colouring/perming services. This process opens the cuticles of the hair, and causes proteins in the cortex (inside) of the hair to flow out. The hair thus becomes unbalanced, losing its firmness and elasticity. Tokio Inkarami replaces the lost proteins, making it smoother and more moisturised. 2) When heat is applied daily/digital perm is done repeatedly. This causes "protein denaturation", where the protein in the hair becomes hard. Tokio Inkarami treatment penetrates the hair to moisturise the interior with keratin, making the hair glossy once again.

With its patented technology, Tokio Inkarami focuses on packing the hair strand with different molecule sizes of keratin, for maximum moisturising effects on both the outside and the inside of the hair. Step 1: Apply Tokio 0 & 1 lotions (PPT) (Keratins that have the smallest molecule size) Step 2: Apply Tokio 2 creme (Amino Acid). When combined, all work together within the cortex (inside) to moisturise the hair. Step 3: Section hair & physically pat/press in the treatment Step 4: Steam hair & apply Tokio 3 (PPT). Contains keratin of 4 different molecule sizes, to fill the remaining gaps in the hair strands missed out by Tokio 0, 1 & 2. Step 5: Shampoo hair & apply Tokio 4, to straighten the cuticles of the hair and make it smooth. *It must be noted that in the case of 2), the keratin that has been replenished by Tokio Inkarami is easily released in the nature of protein-denatured hair. As such, it is crucial to use Tokio Inkarami's home-care products to maintain the proteins and prevent the hair from returning to its original stiff condition.